Our Cellular Pathology service includes*
  • A histological and immunohistochemical diagnostic service.
  • A neuropathology section offering a diagnostic service for diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscle and eyes.
  • Diagnostic cytology including a wide range of fine needle aspirations, endoscopic brushings and other exfoliative cytology specimens.
  • A paediatric and perinatal pathology section undertaking the reporting of diagnostic samples from children and a full perinatal and paediatric autopsy service.
  • A biomedical imaging unit providing facilities and services in transmission and scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microprobe analysis, photomicroscopy, image analysis and confocal laser scanning microscopy.
  • A mortuary offering a post mortem service with facilities for paediatric and perinatal pathology and a dedicated containment area for dealing with high risk and infectious cases.
Our Laboratory Medicine service includes*
  • A chemical pathology service including toxicology and metabolism, endocrinology and trace elements.
  • A haematology and blood transfusion service including haemostasis and haemoglobinopathy testing.
  • An immunology service including allergy, autoimmunity, protein chemistry and flow cytometry.
  • A molecular pathology service including the investigation of thrombophilia and haemostasis, T and B cell clonality and post transplant chimerism.


Our Microbiology service is provided by Public Health England. Click here for full details of the service provided.

*Comprehensive clinical advice is provided as an integral part of all our services.